Murder of Venezuelan Politician Was Executed With Great Precision

The Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace for Venezuela released details surrounding the murder of the Socialist politician, Robert Serra.

The preliminary investigations into the murder of the government politician, Robert Serra revealed that it was an “intentional homicide” according to the Minister for Interior, Justice and Peace Miguel Rodriguez Torres.

He said that, according to preliminary expert investigations, it was “an intentional homicide, executed with great precision.”

He highlighted that it was a planned assassination, organized to the finest detail, and done over a time of 15 to 20 minutes.

Rodriguez Torres also noted that Serra was an “important leader in the PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela) and was visibly comitted to the revolutionary process and to the commander Hugo Chavez.”

He also asked all Venezuelans to have faith in the investigative process.

“We will not rest in the fight against the forces of evil, terrorism, paramilitary and organized crime and all forms of violence. There shall be no impunity,” he said.

He urged Venezuelans, especially the opposition, not to turn this tragic event into a media spectacle.

Robert Serra and his companion were killed Wednesday in their residence, in Caracas.


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