Pto. Rican Prisoner Ana Belen Montes has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer


It is with great sadness that we in the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign announce that our sister and friend Puerto Rican Prisoner of Conscience/Political Prisoner Ana Belen Montes has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Details about her condition are slowly trickling in, but according to her cousin Miriam Montes, a member of La Mesa de Trabajo de Ana Belen Montes in Puerto Rico, she will need a mastectomy and radiation therapy.

The movement for her liberation is calling on all allies to support her freedom campaign at this pivotal juncture.  We all know that prison medical care is abysmal at best and especially horrific for Political prisoners and Prisoners of Conscience!  We need to rally around Ana now more than ever.

Please click the link below and send President Obama this letter demanding her release!  We can’t allow Ana to suffer with this horrible disease in her already inhumane prison conditions!  Send Obama a letter today and motivate all your friends and family to do likewise.

Send this letter out for Ana as soon as possible!

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