Surprise! United States isn’t a democracy.


by José M. López Sierra –  Puerto Rico


Click on the following link to understand that cannot spread the democracy that it doesn’t have:

The real reason for this set up is to guarantee that the 1% elite could run the United States forever without the 99% ever getting a chance to challenge it.

The US government has no morale standing to accuse other countries of human rights violations when it has maintained Puerto Rico as its colony for 118 years.

Moreover, the US government cannot honestly even make the claim the it believes in the rule of law.  The United Nations has asked the US government 35 times to comply with the international law prohibiting Puerto Rico colonialism, and it has refused.  Thus, the world, and rightly so, considers the United States as the biggest threat to world peace.

Therefore, we must all work together to make a tsunami of people to force the US government to decolonize Puerto Rico.  We must because those who like to bully the world don’t believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!

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