The 1% wins because it knows how to play the game!

Click on the following link to watch the documentary, PLUTOCRACY: Political Repression in The U.S.A. It clearly explains why the United States (US) government always calls terrorism whatever threatens undoing its plutocracy:

Don’t expect the 1% to teach the 99% how to win.  It is up to the 99% to teach itself, so that we could organize ourselves to make government govern to impart JUSTICE FOR ALL.

This we must do, because those who want to keep the 99% down at all cost, don’t believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!

Click here to read the United Nations’ Resolution 35 about Puerto Rico decolonization:

Click here to watch the video about the 2016 United Nations’ hearing on Puerto Rico decolonization:

Click here to watch a video about how the US government made Puerto Rico its colony:  For more information, contact Dr. Nelson Rochet at 787- 630-0810 or [email protected]

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